Monday, January 2, 2017

AngularJS Vs ReactJS - Which Suits You the Best?

The number of JS tools for quick single-page application development is on a rise. Choosing the most appropriate technology for your project has become all the more challenging for businesses and developers alike. Two popular JavaScript technologies React JS and Angular JS are used to create interactive single-page applications (SPAs) and has become a popular topic of comparison and discussion.

Both the technologies are being maintained by some major players in the industry. While AngularJS is maintained by Google, ReactJS is taken care of by Facebook. Used by businesses across different verticals all across the globe, Angular JS is a Model–View–Controller framework, while ReactJS is actually a library as it lacks both Model and Controller components and only has view. 

Which is a Better Option?
Obviously, both have their pros and cons but let’s compare their similarities and differences to gain clarity over both these technologies. Have a look:

  • Age: While Angular JS is old in the concern, React has just started. As a result, Angular enjoys much better support as compared to React. However, coding is anytime more complex in Angular's JS than in React, which is much more logically structured and readable due to availability of components.
  • Speed & features: While Angular JS is much powerful than React, it is comparatively slower in speed. In fact, React quickly and effectively pulls data from a huge database as compared to Angular. Since, Angular JS uses complete MVC architecture; it is great for qualified and practiced developers. On the other hand, React is better for beginners as it lacks two important components i.e. model and controller, which makes it comparatively less feature rich. 
  • Running and Deployment: When it comes to running and deployment, Angular is very limited in scope. Angular requires usage of HTML templates, which makes the code look like archaic. React on the other hand considers the native JavaScript, and uses a Require JS library to load the code. Apart from this, there are many other solutions that React JS is sure to support.

Who is the Game Changer?
There is no specific winner and the answer is both. While flexibility and ease of learning is something which React's pure JavaScript environment can provide, Angular JS offers a robust development framework. With their own set of qualities and drawbacks, they stand equally tall and using a combination of both in your next project can be your best bet.

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