Sunday, July 15, 2018

Deep Learning: An In depth Insight and Overview

The human brain never stops amazing us. Be it the way it perceives objects or the way it differentiates them –the brain does all these things very precisely. But the mystery around ‘how the brain performs these functions so accurately’ still keeps lurking.  However, these days we have come up with technologies such as ‘deep learning’ that ape human-intelligence and are based on neural networks. In fact, leading market players like Google have taken great strides by leveraging this new disruptive technology.

So, with the entire buzz around deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence being tossed around a lot,the curiosity to know more about them is certainly at its peak. Let’s delve a bit deeper. A sub-field of machine learning, deep learning is all about algorithms encouraged by the functioning of the human brain called artificial neural networks.

Characteristically, a deep neural Network (DNN) is nothing but a multi-layer neural network that tries to identify data patterns. The essence of this method is that as we move forward from the input to the output layers through the hidden layers, the scope of patterns that are being recognized gets larger and larger. This helps in envisaging things at the final layer.

While the general idea or motivation behind deep learning is the way neurons in human brain identify patterns, there are certain features that differentiates simple neural network from deep neural network. These differences are based on architecture, prediction accuracy and flexibility of a Deep Learning model and conventional neural network.

The Need of Deep Learning and Ways to Implement It

For instance, in case of conventional neural networks every node is connected to the other node as we move from one layer to the other. However, the number of nodes taking part in the decision making process can be restricted making it more demonstrative. Furthermore, deep neural network uses back propagation techniques along with feed forward technique resulting in less error at every step.

To understand how deep learning is implemented, it becomes important to understand its architecture, which consists of an input layer, few hidden layers and an output layer. Every layer has nodes that are usually included for making predictions. It is the activation function that determines whether a particular node should be involved in making forecasts or not just like human brain where certain neurons are activated while others aren’t.

In a nutshell, Deep Learning algorithm is all about recognizing the right values to the factors for making accurate predictions. To determine the values, Deep Neural network is made proficient using training data in a way that the entire error measure congregates to its least value.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Significance of Regulatory Compliance While Using Blockchain Currency

Businesses across different industry verticals such as healthcare, finance etc. are yearning to adopt blockchain - a technology that promises to improve efficiency in several processes while generate new business opportunities. However, a lot of awareness needs to be created amongst those who either lack a clear understanding of how it can be used and when it should be applied. 

This new technology has allowed app developers to provide users with virtual currency that could be used within the apps. Now, this virtual currency provides app users with wide range of possibilities such as purchasing virtual items, selling their individual content or earning redeemable points. With all that said, it’s important to understand that block chain and virtual currency could not necessarily be used interchangeably.  In fact, there is a legal framework that is meant for regulating block chain currency. 

However, it is still under development and thus poses risk for users and developers alike. Consequently, app creators must acquaint themselves with the most recent regulatory restrictions to remain in full compliance. Let’s consider the example of block chain-app development i.e. AppCoins that has more than 200 million users. It clearly exhibits how people who are unbanked can easily access their products and services using this currency. However, with most of the users looking for in-app purchase via smartphones not having credit cards, it becomes difficult for them to take complete advantage of in app purchases.

AppCoinstries to create an environment where users could earn block chain currency for making in-app purchases and other related functions. However, given the threat of cyber-attack, a transparent record of public transactions needs to be maintained. This will allow AppCoin owners to call developers to resolve disputes.

Experts predict the future of technology to be bright and the aforementioned examples show how blockchain in app development may become more common in the times to come. Also, these instances demonstrate the significance of regulatory compliance. Since, this technology is new, the laws and regulations to protect customers are in the nascent stages and are still emerging.  Even users should be ready to accept it as a real currency and should be prepared to bear the consequences in case they indulge in over-spending.

In a nut-shell, blockchain currency will positively impact apps while allowing developers to increase product features thereby enjoying better rewards for themselves. However, developers must ensure they’re not risking themselves or their customers by not adhering to the restrictions governing its use.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Why Should You Avail Zend framework Development services for Developing Your Custom Web App?

Businesses are in constant need for web applications that can make the business simple and relatable. While the advantages of having custom web applications are many but it is primarily beneficial for the synchronization of business processes. So, if you are looking to develop custom web applications for your business, then PHP should be your ideal development platform. PHP offers compatibility with several frameworks including the Zend Framework, which is an object-oriented and open source framework best suited for developing custom web applications. 

Implemented in PHP 5, this framework has become every developer’s delight as it offers several benefits that aid in building and customizing a project. Have a look at some of them:

  • Open source: Being an open source framework with a large community of volunteers, businesses readily opt for this framework due to low cost of development, and open support from the large community of developers.
  • Internationalization: Several components such as Zend Date, Zend Currency etc. sets the dates, currency or time as per the preference of developer's at different locations. As it offers multilingual support, developers can work as per their preferred language.
  • Installation and hosting: Installing this framework is simple as it can be installed by downloading the code to the library. Furthermore, several Linux distributions offer Zend Framework package.
  • Hiring developers: Being an extremely popular PHP 5 framework, most of the PHP developers are familiar with this framework. In fact, many companies work use it as a standard web application development framework. Consequently, engaging an efficient zend developer does not pose much of a problem.
  • MVC Components: It employs Model View Controller architecture to support PHP based templates and layouts. It implements the front controller pattern and segregate business logic from user interface.
  • Standard compliance: Developers get access to rich set of libraries that are compliant to the current PHP coding techniques. The large set of libraries provides turnkey solutions that enable them to create high quality code and applications.
  • Quality: Web applications developed using this framework is high on quality as all the best practices for quality enhancement are being followed. In fact, all the components are unit tested and make use of designs that are proven and object oriented.
  • Reuse of codes: Since, the codes written are reusable the time required to write duplicate codes are reduced considerably.

These are some of the benefits that have made this framework preferred development platform for developers and businesses alike.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Why Should You Engage the Services of a Drupal 8 Web Developer for Your New Project?

Released on November 19, 2015, Drupal 8 is the new version of Drupal CMS. Within less than 6 months of its existence, this new platform version broke all the figure records with over 10, 000 websites being developed in a month. Owing to such a huge success, the community went ahead to release Drupal 8.1.0 with better and new features. In fact, web development companies and Drupal 8 developers are now endowed with a responsibility of staying up to the expectation of clients. So, if you have made up your mind to engage the services of a development firm offering Drupal 8 development, make sure you take care of few do’s and don’t’s of Drupal web development.


Identify Goals and Objectives: Weather you wish to boost the sales of your business, increase engagement, brand awareness or customer satisfaction; you need to communicate the goals and objectives that you wish to achieve with a website powered by Drupal 8.
SEO Components: You should ask your Drupal web development partner to utilize the built-in SEO components present in the framework. This will provide the much required impetus to your site allowing it to remain at the top of search engine page result.

Mobile-First Strategy: With the burgeoning usage of smart phones and other mobile internet devices, it becomes absolutely essential to have a site that is both web and mobile friendly. Make sure that your development partner provides you consistent browsing experience across both platforms.

Analyze Your Competitors: Before you engage a development team, make sure you do your homework well. Make some analysis on your competitor’s website and pen down the elements that interested you the most. You can then discuss them with your development partner to ensure that get a fully functional site with some rich features.


Try it yourself: Even if you carry some basic knowledge of Drupal 8 developments, do not attempt to do things on your own. A reliable Drupal web Development Company would be able to create a positive impression that would drive customers to do business with you, rather than taking refuge in your competitors.

Let Your Visitor’s Drift Away: Make sure your Drupal 8 Developer keeps the navigation of your site simple and fast so that visitors can easily locate what they have been looking for. Also make sure that the content of your site is relevant and engaging so that message is easily conveyed to the target audience.

Use Fake Reviews and Testimonials: Avoid using fake testimonials to entice prospects or customers. This will do more harm than good. It’s better to use testimonials that are realistic and specific to what you do. This would make themselves view as potential customers.

Monday, January 2, 2017

AngularJS Vs ReactJS - Which Suits You the Best?

The number of JS tools for quick single-page application development is on a rise. Choosing the most appropriate technology for your project has become all the more challenging for businesses and developers alike. Two popular JavaScript technologies React JS and Angular JS are used to create interactive single-page applications (SPAs) and has become a popular topic of comparison and discussion.

Both the technologies are being maintained by some major players in the industry. While AngularJS is maintained by Google, ReactJS is taken care of by Facebook. Used by businesses across different verticals all across the globe, Angular JS is a Model–View–Controller framework, while ReactJS is actually a library as it lacks both Model and Controller components and only has view. 

Which is a Better Option?
Obviously, both have their pros and cons but let’s compare their similarities and differences to gain clarity over both these technologies. Have a look:

  • Age: While Angular JS is old in the concern, React has just started. As a result, Angular enjoys much better support as compared to React. However, coding is anytime more complex in Angular's JS than in React, which is much more logically structured and readable due to availability of components.
  • Speed & features: While Angular JS is much powerful than React, it is comparatively slower in speed. In fact, React quickly and effectively pulls data from a huge database as compared to Angular. Since, Angular JS uses complete MVC architecture; it is great for qualified and practiced developers. On the other hand, React is better for beginners as it lacks two important components i.e. model and controller, which makes it comparatively less feature rich. 
  • Running and Deployment: When it comes to running and deployment, Angular is very limited in scope. Angular requires usage of HTML templates, which makes the code look like archaic. React on the other hand considers the native JavaScript, and uses a Require JS library to load the code. Apart from this, there are many other solutions that React JS is sure to support.

Who is the Game Changer?
There is no specific winner and the answer is both. While flexibility and ease of learning is something which React's pure JavaScript environment can provide, Angular JS offers a robust development framework. With their own set of qualities and drawbacks, they stand equally tall and using a combination of both in your next project can be your best bet.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Take Your Business to the Next Level by Engaging in Android Apps Development

An open source operating system by Google, Android has become the most commonly used operating systems for mobile internet devices. Consequently, android apps development has become essential for businesses looking to reach out to wide customer base, get noticed while providing customers with highest-quality service. In fact, applications developed on the Android framework are dominating the mobile application development market. 

Moreover, this promising arena of Apps Development has created new opportunities for application developers, marketers and businesses alike. From eye-catchy and seductive games to apps which customers love to get their hands on, the options are almost infinite. However, if you are an entrepreneur looking to carve a niche for yourself, you can get started by leveraging on the infinite potential of Android apps.

With millions of users across the globe, Android apps have become highly popular. When you get a dedicated Android mobile app for your business, you can expect maximum downloads from Google Play Store where you have made it available. A professional Android application development company with ample years of experience in app development for this operating system could help you get started. A cutting-edge mobile app that is customized as per your requirement can help boost your ROI and augment your customer service.

Android being an open source technology makes the entire process of app development extremely cost-effective as the cost of investment is very low. This makes it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that may not have the budget, as well as resources to invest in apps that could be developed on other OS. Boasting an array of features that could bring several tangible and intangible benefits, Android apps can take your business the next level. 

Besides simplifying your business operations, Android apps can help you manage different aspects of your business with ease. In other words, they can act as a productive and powerful means of promoting your business while help you create strong brand awareness. So, if you are looking for a distinctive presence, make sure you engage the services of a reputed Android app development company that can create scalable and robust android app for your business.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

WordPress with Woo Commerce, Magento, or OpenCart? What is Your Preferred Choice?

In this internet driven era, technology is evolving at a very fast pace. What you consider to be the best today can turn out to be your worst nightmare the day after. So, as an entrepreneur if you are looking to create an online store, there is no ‘one fit all’ solution that can meet your business need. In other words, there is no perfect CMS platform that can meet the varying needs of different businesses.  Much depends on what actually you wish to have as each platform has its own set of pros and cons.

Word Press, Woo Commerce, Magento, and OpenCart top the chart, if you are looking to zero in upon the best ecommerce development platform for your business. However, each one of them has its own set of strengths and suitability to meet your specific requirements. A clear comparison between the aforesaid platforms is drawn below. Have a look:

  • Magento Vs WordPress: Magento is a feature-rich ecommerce store trusted by millions of storeowners. Designed specifically to meet the changing requirement of ecommerce stores, Magento offers high-level of functionality and customization. Apart from this, this platform also supplies some very powerful features like multi-store management, SEO, catalogue-management tools, and easy customization that offer extraordinary adaptability, usefulness and a great store appearance.On the other hand, Wordpress is primarily used for blogging and SEO purpose. WordPress can be broadened to support some fundamental ecommerce functionality through several plugins such as Woo Commerce. In other words, WordPress is good for less complex ecommerce needs and enjoys great support from a large community.

  • OpenCart:  OpenCart is an open source ecommerce shopping cart. It is a PHP-based solution for online entrepreneurs. OpenCart offers great support for professional installation and customization as it has great user support, as well as a list of commercial partners. Featuring more than eight shipping methods and 20 payment gateways, this ecommerce platform offers hundreds of extra gateways and shipping integrations. This shop allows users to manage multiple stores from a single admin interface. 

 In a nutshell, these ecommerce development platforms offer powerful solutions with features that will best meet your specific needs. Though, they aren’t the largest platforms around in terms of clientele but they are known for their reasonable pricing. What makes the aforementioned platforms all the more popular - is their scalability and customizability. With all that said, you are all set to select the right Ecommerce development partner for your business.