Thursday, February 9, 2017

Why Should You Avail Zend framework Development services for Developing Your Custom Web App?

Businesses are in constant need for web applications that can make the business simple and relatable. While the advantages of having custom web applications are many but it is primarily beneficial for the synchronization of business processes. So, if you are looking to develop custom web applications for your business, then PHP should be your ideal development platform. PHP offers compatibility with several frameworks including the Zend Framework, which is an object-oriented and open source framework best suited for developing custom web applications. 

Implemented in PHP 5, this framework has become every developer’s delight as it offers several benefits that aid in building and customizing a project. Have a look at some of them:

  • Open source: Being an open source framework with a large community of volunteers, businesses readily opt for this framework due to low cost of development, and open support from the large community of developers.
  • Internationalization: Several components such as Zend Date, Zend Currency etc. sets the dates, currency or time as per the preference of developer's at different locations. As it offers multilingual support, developers can work as per their preferred language.
  • Installation and hosting: Installing this framework is simple as it can be installed by downloading the code to the library. Furthermore, several Linux distributions offer Zend Framework package.
  • Hiring developers: Being an extremely popular PHP 5 framework, most of the PHP developers are familiar with this framework. In fact, many companies work use it as a standard web application development framework. Consequently, engaging an efficient zend developer does not pose much of a problem.
  • MVC Components: It employs Model View Controller architecture to support PHP based templates and layouts. It implements the front controller pattern and segregate business logic from user interface.
  • Standard compliance: Developers get access to rich set of libraries that are compliant to the current PHP coding techniques. The large set of libraries provides turnkey solutions that enable them to create high quality code and applications.
  • Quality: Web applications developed using this framework is high on quality as all the best practices for quality enhancement are being followed. In fact, all the components are unit tested and make use of designs that are proven and object oriented.
  • Reuse of codes: Since, the codes written are reusable the time required to write duplicate codes are reduced considerably.

These are some of the benefits that have made this framework preferred development platform for developers and businesses alike.

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